Civil and Municipal Engineering

Our Civil-Municipal Engineering team provides an extensive number of services essential to the rezoning of land and development of properties. Our team has conducted hundreds of full subdivision designs, rezoning applications, land use determination, lot layouts, and various civil aspects of design and construction. 

Civil - Land and Infrastructure

MJL Engineering offers the necessary engineering services for the development of land, infrastructure and properties across public and private sectors. Our work has been conducted for various subdivisions, school districts, factories, the Ministry of Environment and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Site Grading
Road Design
Fire Lanes
Parking Lots
Erosion and Sediment Control
Storm-Water Management and Design
Sanitary Main
Water Main
Minimum Basement/Building Elevation (MBE)
Storm Main
Site servicing: Water, Storm and Sanitary Service Lines
Rock Pit Design
Septic Field and Lines
Soil Permit
Fire Hydrant and Fire Lines
Infrastructure Asset Management

Civil - Water | Sanitary | Storm:

MJL Engineering conducts the design and grading plans for Stormwater, Sanitary Systems and Water & Fire supply. MJL has been involved with large scale design and planning projects across the region for on-site and off-site sectors.

Water Main
Water Service
Fire Line and Fire Hydrants
Sanitary Sewer
Sanitary Connection
Sanitary Lift Station Design
Force Main Design
Storm Service Connection
Stormwater management and Pond Design
Rock Pit Design
Soil Permit
Road Drainage
Septic Line and Field Design
Minimum Basement/Building Elevation (MBE)
Infrastructure Asset Management
Stormwater Studies and Modelling
Hydrologic Studies and Modelling